Art Décor Stained Glass Tiffany Bankers Table Lamp


    Beautiful antique style table lamp, made of stained glass and resin base.

    A traditional design of bankers table lamp.

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    Made to suit your bedside table, living room area, office space and wherever you want it placed.

    Even more the one thing that stand of note is the size of the table lamp, therefore making the placement open to a many options.
    It comes with a dimensions of: 27.03 x 27.03 x 38.01 cm (L x W x H) 

    The decorative art of the stained glass is one thing that makes this table lamp stand out.

    It’s simply very eye catchy and it’s an additional collection to any interior decorative needs.

    This stained glass table lamp is not only styled in an antique way of styling, you can easily consider it in a contemporary category of table lamp styling.

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