4 Easy Step By Step Guide To Choose The Best Table Lamps.

A Walk-through Guide For The Best Suited Table Lamps

When you are designing your home, there is a point when you realize that even the smallest details can make a big impact on the overall look and feel of your home.

Just as you would pick up a unique design and colour scheme for every room of your dream house, a good lighting will give it a final touch and sets the mood.

The wrong type of lighting choices can make even a well decorated room look dull and boring.

So adding the best selected lighting sources like a table lamp can make a huge difference.

The idea of the best style of table lamps, will add texture, illumination and class to any part of your room.

That is why today, we’ll take a look at some tips/guide to pick and buy the perfect table lamp that’s best fit for your room.

Is the table lamps material or style a particular attribute for your taste?

Or, will placement and luminosity be a necessary requirement?

If yes, then follow the best step by step guide below, for an informed selection.

Step 1: Selecting A Fitting Material

Step 2: Selecting A Suitable Style

Step 3: The Right Size For Better Placement

Step 4: The Right Luminosity For Sight Friendliness

Step 1: Selecting A Fitting Material

With the type of material in mind, two instances should be considered.

  1. For example: if you are intending to maintain the decorative outlook of your interior when its all wooden material, then going with a wooden table lamp should be the best fit for your set-up.
  2. For example: if you collect your decorative items in an aesthetic way, then learning more about best fits and matches will interest you.

Because we’ve made a collection of the best table lamps made of various materials to help your selection process.

Which are as follows;

Wooden table lamps:- A good wooden lamp will most definitely suit  glass made table.

And other considerations in terms of placements should be spots where it complements the interior as mentioned before.

Metal table lamps:- These material type fits very well almost instantly when seated on a wooden table.

It always gives a pleasing contrast effect on the interior outlook with this mix.

You can also easily consider other positions/locations like by the window etc.

Glass table lamps:- A good glass table lamp will definitely suite a wooden table and in some cases a specially designed metal table.

When comparing between a wooden table or metal table, there should be that innate feeling that clicks with the better choice.

Ceramic table lamps:- As with the glass lamp the ceramic table lamp will suit perfectly with a wooden table as well as with a metal table.

It can also go as far with an attempt to blend it to a specific decorated wall area mostly because of their designs, (material wise).

Plastic table lamps:- These types fits almost anywhere, especially if your interior design has a modern type of outlook to it.

And because they can be bought in solid colours, they are easy to use as a blending or complementing items to the respective areas/locations they are placed on.

Resin table lamps:- First thing that shoots to mind when considering a resin made table lamp, is the flexibility of customising or personalising them to be just as rightly wanted.

Even if not so, there are many beautifully made resin table lamps out there that gives you an edge when doing interior decoration.

Step 2: Selecting A Suitable Style

Depending how stylish your taste is, we’ve attempted to cover the best of the most attractive style variations your table lamps can come in.

For the best suitable selection, they are namely;

Vintage style table lamps:- Whether you want to have the whole of your interior design looking this style or have a section of it in vintage style, there are many options out there to choose from.

Most of the times, the Tiffany style table lamps comes handy for this purpose.

Antique style table lamps:- Be an antique lookalike or an actual real antique. This style will always stand out for its intended purpose, it always carries that air of age and a drift towards history.

Industrial style table lamps:- If your idea is to give your interior an unusual look, then you won’t be mistaking by going with an industrial style kind of table lamp.

They are just simply cool and very crafty looking.

Retro style table lamps:- This types of table lamps are very much similar to the industrial style, but often dissimilar in various ways.

Although they can be hard to tell apart, they are entirely of their own style.  

Modern style table lamps:- Think futuristic and fictional, then you would have almost constructed the idea of a modern looking style of a table lamp.

Depending on your idea of interior decoration, especially if you are intending to portray a futuristic look then this are the styles for you.  

Contemporary style table lamps:- These are often similar to the modern styles but I beg to differ, because the contemporary styles always have a simplistic touch to it while the modern ones don’t always do.

I would say calm looking and simple is the main description that should come to mind when searching this style of table lamps.

Designer style table lamps:- Well very much as the name signifies, there are many beautiful looking designer table lamps out there to choose from.

Just make sure to place yours in a prominent location/spot in your home. (Laughs)

Rustic style table lamps:- These can be of either wooden or mainly metal made and can easily be confused with a retro looking or an industrial looking table lamps, so choose wisely.

This style of table lamps are always artsy and can really add a different look to your interior designing endeavour.

Step 3: The Right Size For Better Placement

Why size should be crucial for the best placement of your table lamps!

Basically, you would place your table lamps on any of these areas, which are:

Your bedside table or any suitable table in your bedroom space.

Your living room area, these could also extend to your hallway or dining area especially if you have an open plan style front room.

You could also be placing it in your conservatory or even your office space.

Having determine these, another innate reason for the size in terms of decoration, could be how you want your interior outlook expressed. Don’t show off (Laughs).

Take a look at our recommendation on table lamps that best suite:-

  1. For hallways and front rooms
  2. For bedside table and bedrooms
  3. For office area and study rooms

Note: If unsure about the right size after the illustrations above. Simply take a measurement of the spaces you have to get a rough idea of what could fit there.

Step 4: The Right Luminosity For Sight Friendliness

For special needs like reading or studying, going for table lamps that are best suited for sight friendliness should not be underestimated.

And in the case of creating a certain kind of ambience, any brightly or dimly lit lamp should do the trick.

So putting in perspective the luminosity, we worked out three ways to help you make an informed purchasing decision in regards to the type of ambience you want to create or any special need that you might require.


For a bright table lamp, you would get something with a bright lampshade or a slightly coloured lampshade.


For a dim table lamp, you would get something with a darkish kind of lampshade.


To be able to control the luminosity without being left with a static type of ambience, you would get something with a controllable luminosity/lumen setting.