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Best Lamps Reviews

      Read our reviews on the best lamps for a stylish and decorative home. Buy the lamp you want with an informed decision.

      adjustable metallic wall lamp

      Adjustable Industrial, Retro, Vintage Style Metallic Wall Lamp

      The bracket cage lampshade, the built resembling something of an antique nature and the nobs for ease of adjustment, makes this lamp a delight for an added decor.
      brass metal wall lamp for living rooms

      Original 1227 Brass Metal Wall Lamp / Light In Elephant Grey

      Perfect for an aesthetic look, made with authentic heritage colours to fit any interior wall. The brass effect that this piece is made with, will definitely...
      industrial and retro style wall lamp

      Metallic Water Pipe Wall Lamp In Vintage, Industrial And Retro Style

      Beautifully crafted for the purpose of adding a much desired detail to your decorations. It has ease of installation and placement, which makes this lighting piece even...
      Tiffany style wall lamps

      Owl Patterned Tiffany Style Wall Lamp In Stained Glass

      Beautiful colour combination that provides a calm and romantic luminosity. Made with a welded wrought iron and a well patterned stained glass.

      An Aesthetic Rustic Style Metal Table Lamp.

      Add a unique and creative outlook to your home interior design with a touch of this rustic style metal table lamp. You can...
      wood table lamp

      Decorative Modern Wooden Table Lamp

      Beautiful wooden table lamp in a modern style.A simple made modern wooden table lamp design. With a harmonious combination of rubber wood and fabric lampshade. "Clicking the image(s) below...
      glass table lamps

      Art Décor Stained Glass Tiffany Bankers Table Lamp

      Beautiful antique style table lamp, made of stained glass and resin base. A traditional design of bankers table lamp. “Clicking the image(s) below will take you to the merchants...