Getting a good table lamp for your living room should not without a doubt lack in certain aspect, which will be discussed below.

Especially when the ideal type is as specific as a wooden table lamp.

  1. To achieve this, its a brilliant idea to get a measure that’s within the medium range and above when it comes to table lamps for the living room.
  2. The style and quality shouldn’t be compromised as these aspects will contribute and enhance a better showcasing.
  3. Having acquired the right size, style and quality of course, a prominent position/location is the final ingredient for your decorative effort.

To help you achieve this, we have surfed around the net and found the top 5 wooden table lamps we believe will fit the bill.

Chinese Style Solid Wood Table Lamp For Living Room & Study

The lamp holder is made of bamboo, the lampshade or would be the shade is made of a rich parchment and the base is made of solid wood.

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The Light source is not dimmable, you can use the E27 energy-saving bulbs or LED bulbs.( Use wattage of 220V and 40W).

Very easy steps for maintenance as described below:-

1- Only need to use a soft cotton cloth or feather duster to remove dust.

2- Pay attention to the room ventilation and drying.

It is suitable for office, tea room, living room, bedroom etc. To create a warm feeling atmosphere.

Creative And Decorative Solid Wood Table Lamp For Living Room

Solid wood coated with natural resin, it can come hand painted with cartoon characters for children’s lighting.

It is dim-able for soft lighting performance wise for eye protection.

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Maximum power 31-40W, voltage 111-240V, for E27 screws.

Easy to install, this is not only a lighting, but also a beautiful decorative spec.

Suitable for bedside table, bedroom, baby room, study, family and also suitable for home decoration purposes.

American Village Personality Creative Handmade Bamboo Wood Table Lamp For Living Room

Made to have a longer service life with Instant start and no flashing.

It emits a great output of light which is safe and reliable. It is energy saving and very environmentally friendly.

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It has a shockproof and damp proof also with vibration and corrosion resistance.

It comes with a push button switch type, wooden base and grass vine shade (hand-woven).

It uses incandescent, LED, energy-saving lamp bulbs with voltage of 111V to 240V (E27).

Classical Chinese Hallow Wooden Table Lamp For Living Room

A Chinese creative retro fashion wooden table lamp ideal for studying and placing in the living room area.

Also in the bedroom, bedside table and for any decorative purpose ofcourse.

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Good lighting output that’s safe and reliable with energy saving and environmental friendliness.

Shockproof and damp proof, vibration and corrosion resistance.

It is versatile and suitable for dorms, kids room, bedroom, sewing, home office, bedside lamps, learning or reading in the evening.

You will create a romantic and warm atmosphere where you will enjoy your time in a calm and relaxed manner.

Retro Tree Solid Wooden Table lamp For Living Room

Made of solid wood and hand knitting crafted.

It sizes at a diameter of 22cm and height of 25cm.

It comes in an E27 screw bulb 25-60W energy saving lamp 3-11W LED1-5W (without light source), and a push button switch.

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Its perfect on a coffee table that’s just about open enough to showcase this masterpiece.

Its also perfect for your bedroom space and any prominent area within your living room.


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